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Russell Worth Solicitors

Russell Worth Solicitors had a traditional IT network with an on-premise server that had aged beyond its recommended lifespan. This meant that they were using an outdated email server and that their network was no longer compatible with their disaster recovery solution.

It was important to upgrade the hardware used at Russell Worth Solicitors, to enable them to use current best practices, improve employee productivity and ensure that the large amounts of sensitive data they use remained protected by their disaster recovery efforts.

Our solution was to upgrade their network, by providing a new server, associated hardware, and new computers. We also moved them away from their legacy email server to Microsoft 365 to increase their email functionality, further improving the efficiency of their staff. 

“Straight away we could see a positive impact using our Case Management System. It sped up the performance which improved productivity across the office by 20%.”

Joe Westcott, Operations Manager for Russell Worth Solicitors

Russell Worth Solicitors

The Initial Problem

Russell Worth Solicitors had a traditional IT network with an on-premise server that was older than its recommended lifespan. Alongside this aged network, employees were also using old computers.

This meant that employees using the network suffered from performance issues, which were not only frustrating for users but also reduced productivity. What’s more, the old network used an old email server that is no longer considered best practice, meaning Russell Worth Solicitors were not benefiting from the advantages of cloud email.

In addition to this, Russell Worth Solictors’ disaster recovery solution was struggling to work effectively with the old infrastructure. This meant that in the event of a disaster, it could not be relied upon to protect the company’s data. This was a large risk to Russell Worth Solicitors and its clients, making it vital to replace the infrastructure, to ensure the disaster recovery solution could operate properly if required to do so.

Solving the Problem

We upgraded the IT network at Russell Worth Solicitors, supplying a new server, as well as new computers for employees and the addition of Microsoft 365.

The whole solution was designed with efficiency and affordability in mind. We wanted to transform the efficacy of the office, whilst ensuring that it was a sound financial investment for the organisation. 

As a legal firm, Russell Worth Solicitor generate a lot of sensitive data that requires secure storage and other measures in place to ensure it remains safe. So not only was the new server and network better equipped for modern-day best practices, we ensured it had all the storage requirements to allow their disaster recovery platform to work as planned. 

The services we provided Russell Worth Solicitors with. 

The Results and Benefits

The new infrastructure, server and computers we provided Russell Worth Solicitors had an immediate and positive impact for the entire office. They believe it improved productivity by 20% and with that time they intend to improve the level of service they provide their customers. 

The replacement server now enables the disaster recovery solution to operate effectively, giving the management team peace of mind and reassurance that customer data is safe. 

From a user perspective, employees are able to use multiple applications at the same time, without experiencing a drop in performance and as a result can work with more clients in any given day. Additionally the move to Microsoft 365 has granted them greater flexibility with regards to home working and client communication on the move. 

Going forward, Russell Worth Solicitors are now able to increase their client numbers with confidence in their IT infrastructure to support the additional demand. 

“Straight away we could see a positive impact using our Case Management System. It sped up the performance which improved productivity across the office by 20%. Our employees could see the difference the upgrade made, and it was gratefully received.”

Joe Westcott, Operations Manager at Russell Worth Solicitors 

“The IT infrastructure of any business is vitally important to its productivity and ultimately, its success. Without the right infrastructure in place, you simply can’t operate to your maximum. The new server at Russell Worth Solicitors will enable their team to work effectively, which I’m sure will have benefits for both their staff and clients alike.

Bradlei Davison, Business Development Specialist (Legal & Finance) at Acronyms

“This upgrade gives us many more options moving forward. It allows us to increase the number of clients we add, we can use multiple software applications at the same time and we can increase our overall efficiency. It means we can continue to offer our clients the best level of service now and for years to come.”

Joe Westcott, Operations Manager at Russell Worth Solicitors 

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