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Hospitality Industry

Hospitality and the South West go hand in hand. The beautiful scenery combined with the region’s history and heritage keeps visitors coming back to the area, leading to a large and thriving hospitality sector.

Having worked with the hospitality industry for many years, we understand it’s an industry that relies heavily on providing a high level of customer service.

The last thing you want is the IT in your business tripping you up and causing a bad experience for your guests. Whether it be before or during someone’s visit, you need your business and staff able to provide an experience that keeps customers coming back.

We’ve therefore put all of our experience and knowledge into providing IT services to the hospitality industry that keep customer service front and centre.


We believe IT should be assisting hospitality businesses, helping them to achieve their organisational goals.

The hospitality sector is always under a lot of pressure. Not only is it an industry that works directly with the general public, the competitive nature of the market, drives standards up. Positive customer experience is paramount and has to be delivered upon to ensure that customers enjoy their time with you and keep coming back.

The last thing you need is the fundamental foundations that make your business operate, letting you down. IT shouldn’t be getting in the way of providing the service your customers have come to love and enjoy. 

We, therefore, work closely with businesses in the hospitality industry to take that stress away so you can concentrate on running your business and impressing your customers. Here’s how here we help the hospitality industry with our IT services.

Your five-step IT journey with Acronyms.

When we work with hospitality businesses the IT journey starts from the very first meeting. It’s here that we get to know you and your business.

We want to know what makes you special and stand out from the crowd. We want to understand how you operate, what your staff do and how everything works for your customers.

By understanding your business thoroughly we can start to work together on planning a long-term IT strategy that will help you achieve your long-term goals, whilst resolving any immediate issues you may have.

Meet Steve – Business Development Specialist (Hospitality, Leisure & Tourism)

Steve is our Business Development Specialist for leisure, hospitality and tourism businesses. He works with hotels, tourist attractions, campsites, restaurants and more across the region to help them achieve their own organisational goals and objectives.

Steve is experienced in helping those in the hospitality sector invest in the right IT services and technology in order to thrive.

Steve will guide you on your five-step journey with Acronyms. 


Our five-step IT journey for the hospitality industry is designed to cut the time hospitality businesses lose to IT problems.

Standard IT Support Package

Our standard IT support package is great for hospitality businesses as it combines extended support desk hours with onsite field engineer time for any emergencies that need a quick response.

With a public-facing business, it’s useful to have this service in reserve in case it’s required. This allows us to keep any downtime you experience is kept to an absolute minimum.

This package also ensures we can monitor your network and its provision effectively, allowing our account manager to make recommendations along the way.

3CX VoIP Telephony

Working extensively with the hospitality sector we’ve found that communication is critical, especially when working with bookings or engaging with suppliers.

Our customers have benefited massively from the VoIP telephony service 3CX. Their platform is available via a traditional handset, a laptop or computer, a tablet or smartphone and means you can communicate effectively wherever you or your staff may be.

The solution is fully flexible too, meaning it can scale up and down with seasonality as required.

Public Wi-Fi

We recognise that the general public love having access to public wi-fi whenever they are out and about and we can help provide you with this.

We can install fast, reliable connections for your guest that at the same time is secure from your network and keeps everything safe from the threat of cybercrime.

What’s more, we can work with partners to provide data and additional services on your guests which allows you to market to them providing additional offers, services or information further improving their overall customer experience.

Book a no-obligation consultation.

If you’d like to find out more about how we can assist your hospitality business you can book a no-obligation consultation with Steve or one of the team.

We believe that the hospitality sector needs IT and technology that can support it with excellent customer experience to ensure businesses remain competitive and achieve their aims. We’d love to help you with that!

If you’d like to arrange a meeting face to face, a chat over video, or even a good old-fashioned phone call, then complete the form opposite or give your closest office a call from the numbers listed below.

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