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Microsoft 365 Services

Microsoft 365 is a series of packages made up of Microsoft software that help with everyday IT-related tasks such as email and word processing as well more complex ones such as communication via Microsoft Teams.

With a magnitude of available packages on this page, we have detailed a selection of our clients’ favourite Microsoft 365 services.

If you’d like to discuss any of the services in particular, how they may be able to assist your business, and which Mircosoft 365 package may be best suited to your business, contact us today and a member of the team will be able to help.

Microsoft Office Apps + Microsoft 365 Backup.

Microsoft 365 Office Apps are Microsoft’s suite of recognised Office applications. All packages include Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint, with a choice between online apps and desktop versions for both Windows and Mac.

By utilising cloud technology Microsoft 365 builds upon the functionality you’d expect from your Office applications. Documents can be shared easily, worked upon simultaneously by multiple people and stored securely in the cloud for quick access.

What’s more, by being a cloud-based product, you can use Microsoft 365 anywhere, on a range of devices and updates are automatic, meaning your business always has access to the latest features!

As well as providing the software Acronyms can work with you to ensure it is configured correctly in order to get the best use for you and your team. As standard, we’ll provide Microsoft 365 backup with every Microsoft 365 package to ensure that the documents, emails and presentations created and stored on the apps are securely backed up to retrieve in the event of data loss or accidental deletion.

Microsoft 365

Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams is Microsoft’s unified communications platform and allows your employees to communicate internally and externally via voice calls, video conferencing and instant messaging chat. Users can also collaborate, share documents and invite guests to work together.

Key features include:

  • Video Calling & Screen Sharing
  • Audio Conferencing
  • Channels & Teams

Microsoft Teams can also support VoIP calling on the platform, combining internal and external communication all in one place.

Microsoft 365

Microsoft SharePoint.

Microsoft SharePoint is a collaborative online workspace that combines the traditional Microsoft 365 suite with the power of cloud computing, to help you share and manage content, knowledge and applications.

SharePoint can be used to create company Intranets, which empowers teamwork across your workforce, teams and departments. Create individual team sites that allow you to share data and resources with those that need them.

With SharePoint list and libraries, as well as Microsoft Flows and PowerApps you can automate areas of your business to increase productivity and save time.

Microsoft 365

Microsoft Endpoint Manager (Intune).

Formerly known as Microsoft Intune, Microsoft Endpoint Manager is an endpoint management service that allows organisations to remotely monitor, manage and control devices and the data and services they have access to.

It allows administrators or your IT company the opportunity to manage access throughout your Microsoft 365 package. Inevitably, different teams and individuals require different levels of access making Microsoft Endpoint MAnager the perfect way to control all of that.

What’s more, it allows for things to be limited, restricted or even revoked if need be to keep your Microsoft 365 secure in the event of a cyber security event.

Microsoft 365

Which Microsoft 365 package is right for me?

This depends on what your organisation does and how it uses the technology on a day-to-day basis.

There are lots of Microsoft 365 packages which combine a multitude of different services so it all depends on what services you and your team require. Fortunately, this is where we can help.

Book a no-obligation consultation and we’ll be best placed to better understand your organisation and then recommend whichever Microsoft 365 services will help you most when it comes to achieving your organisational objectives.

Book a no-obligation consultation.

We’re not your average IT provider.

We want to help businesses achieve their organisational objectives. We understand the role technology has to play in this journey and want to ensure it helps you get there.

With years of experience across our team working with Microsoft 365 we are best placed to recommend which package is right for your needs.

If you’d like to arrange a meeting face to face, a chat over video, or even a good old-fashioned phone call, then complete the form opposite or give your closest office a call from the numbers listed below.

Book your no-obligation consultation today, and begin your Microsoft 365 journey with us.

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