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Lang Town & Country

As an estate agency, Lang Town & Country manage large amounts of customer data, and with cyber threats growing ever-sophisticated, they wanted peace of mind that their business was protected against cyber crime. 

After assessing their business, we recommended and implemented our Premium Cyber Security Package. This includes both Huntress and SentinelOne Singularity Complete to provide next level threat detection using AI and a team of dedicated experts. The package was designed to deliver reliable protection at an affordable price. 

Since the introduction of our cyber security services Lang Town & Country have been able to operate securely, safe in knowledge that their client data is protected from threats. 

It gives us reassurance that we can focus on our day to day business, knowing full well there’s a team of experts behind us who look after our needs.” 

Paul Preen, Managing Director of Lang Town & Country.

Lang Town & Country

The Initial Problem

Operating in the property industry, Lang Town & Country are responsible for the personal and financial data of many of their clients, making them a lucrative target for cyber criminals. 

Having been at risk from previous threats, they wanted to ensure that this data remained secure and protected from harm to ensure that they could continue to serve their customers with a high level of service. 

Having reviewed the security at Lang Town & Country it was identified that improvements could be made. Whilst the organisation had clearly given a lot of thought to their cyber security, it was felt there were next-generation options available to Lang Town & Country that could offer than an even greater level of protection for their clients. 

Solving the Problem

We proposed Lang Town & Country invested in our Premium Cyber Security Package for all of their users. This package contains: 

  • Datto Remote Monitoring Management
  • Huntress Security Platform
  • SentinelOne Singularity Complete

Information about these three pieces of software can be found below. Click to find more about our cyber security packages

The Results and Benefits

By having the cyber security measures in place, Lang Town & Country feel they have peace of mind, that their data is secure from threat. It is no longer something that management worries about, safe in the knowledge that there are proactive measures in place, to keep them secure. 

With their cyber security taken care of, it allows Lang Town & Country to focus on their day to day business and providing their customers with a positive customer experience. 

With some additional education from Acronyms their actions have also changed to ensure that employees adhere to best practice, whilst knowing that Acronyms remain on hand to provide any additional support, should it be required. 

“It give us peace of mind that going forward there shouldn’t be any issues with cyber attacks and if there were, they would be picked up early.”

Tracy Brady, Finance Director of Lang Town & Country.

“Having a safeguard with a company that can look after our needs and protect us going forward, it’s a massive benefit.”

Paul Preen, Managing Director of Lang Town & Country.

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We’re not your average IT support company. We’re on a mission to help businesses like Lang Town & Country protect their organisation. We’d like to help you with your cyber security needs, so that your data remains secure from cyber crime.

We provide a range of cyber security packages that support businesses of all sizes. 

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