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Leisure & Tourism Industry

The leisure and tourism industry is synonymous with the South West with our unique landscape resulting naturally in an abundance of leisure and tourism businesses.

It also has a unique relationship with technology and the IT that supports it, with a requirement for behind-the-scenes office work, but also the public-facing side of the business.

This is why we have worked specifically with companies in this industry to ensure that the IT within their organisation supports their business, enabling them to always deliver a high level of customer experience through good uptime and by not causing problems with slow responses and downtime.

Leisure and Tourism

Leisure and tourism businesses deserve IT that supports them in their efforts to excite their customers.

The leisure and tourism industry is like no other. On one side of the business, you have a very public side, working with customers who expect a high level of customer care and experience. Then hidden away you have often underacknowledged backroom administration that ensures everything happens and goes accordingly to plan. For most, it’s almost like two businesses in one!

Whatever your tourist or leisure attraction is, however, it will still rely on technology to ensure it runs smoothly. There is however an added pressure to ensure problems with technology don’t have a knock-on effect and cause problems for the general public.

This is how we work with businesses like yours to ensure that the IT in your business supports your experience and doesn’t spoil it.

Your five-step IT journey with Acronyms.

When working with leisure and tourism organisations the IT journey starts at our first meeting. Such is the variation across the industry, it’s paramount we get to know what makes you different.

It’s critical we get to know how you operate, both publicly and behind the scenes, but also the aspirations and dreams your business has for the future.

Only by having an in-depth understanding of your business can we work effectively together to construct a long-term IT strategy that will help you hit those aspirations. 

Meet Steve – Business Development Specialist (Hospitality, Leisure & Tourism)

Steve is our Business Development Specialist for leisure, hospitality and tourism businesses. He works with companies across the South West to ensure that the IT within their organisation allows them to get the results they aspire to.

Having worked with multiple attractions, across the region, each with unique requirements, Steve is experienced in helping businesses get the most from their technology, whilst ensuring the general public still gets your fantastic customer experience.

Steve will guide you on your five-step journey with Acronyms. 

Leisure and Tourism

We reduce the time leisure and tourism businesses lose to IT issues with the help of our five-step IT journey.

Standard IT Support Package

Our standard IT support package is perfect for the leisure and tourism industry as it has extended hourly coverage and several onsite days built into the service.

This time can be used by our field engineers when required to visit the site to fix an issue. It can ensure that downtime is kept to an absolute minimum and that your customer experience remains positive, without any unexpected call-out fees on top.

It’s the right blend of cost and service that ensures we keep you operational whilst being wary of costs in an often seasonal industry.

Leased Line Internet Connections

With guests and visitors expecting access to the internet where they are we can provide an internet connection you and your customers can rely on.

Our internet connections are quick and stable and come with SLAs as standard to ensure they are reliable and won’t let you down and create a negative impression of your business.

We can also supply fail-over connections that kick in automatically should the main connection ever fail to create a more robust overall connection, further ensuring the reliability and positive image of your business.

Public Wi-Fi

Building on the leased line internet connections we can provide public wi-fi services that allow your customers to securely access a reliable internet connection when visiting you.

These services not only have strong performance in mind but also keep your network separate and secure to ensure that nothing malicious can then happen on your network as a result of allowing public access to your internet services.

We’re experienced in providing this service across difficult spots like zoos and aquariums which may have tricky things like lion enclosures to navigate! 

Book a no-obligation consultation.

If you’d like to discuss how we can support your leisure or tourism attraction you can book a no-obligation consultation with Steve or one of the team.

We’re advocates for technology and IT helping to improve a positive customer experience for your guests and believe we can help your business achieve just that.

If you’d like to arrange a meeting face to face, a chat over video, or even a good old-fashioned phone call, then complete the form opposite or give your closest office a call from the numbers listed below.

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