About Acronyms

Founded with a simple ethos to supply the correct solution.

Acronyms was founded in 2003 by Dave Smith and Amos Swan who were fed up with overselling in the IT industry.

Since 2003 Acronyms has seen IT and technology develop at an ever-growing pace.

We’ve witnessed the growth of the personal computer, the birth of the iPhone and the emergence of unified comms.

We’re here for the fight against cyber-crime and we’re eagerly awaiting further developments in AI, machine learning, and virtual reality.

Nonetheless, and despite popular opinion, some things in technology do in fact remain the same.

That’s why here at Acronyms, no matter how our industry evolves, we’ll always be committed to providing businesses with exceptional, tailored solutions that; are fit for purpose, exceed our clients’ expectations and our employees are proud of.


The Company Values

Delivering the correct solutions.

We don’t oversell. We sell the correct solution.


Providing an authentic service that makes a positive difference.

Exceeding expectations.

Delivering an exceptional experience that goes beyond expectations.


We seek to create long-lasting partnerships with clients.


  • Dave Smith

    Dave Smith

  • Dave Parker

    Dave Parker

The Team

  • Connor Roebuck

    Connor Roebuck

  • Kenny Pester

    Kenny Pester

  • Mark Pote

    Mark Pote

  • Wayne Relos

    Wayne Relos

  • Darren Mcillorum

    Darren Mcillorum

  • Kevin Bickford

    Kevin Bickford

  • Matt Cook

    Matt Cook

  • Frazer Lloyd-Davies

    Frazer Lloyd-Davies

  • Lee Tucker

    Lee Tucker

  • Mike Voisey

    Mike Voisey

  • James Kent

    James Kent

  • Lewis Photiou

    Lewis Photiou

  • Nick Wilson

    Nick Wilson

  • Jamie Tucker

    Jamie Tucker

  • Linda Steele

    Linda Steele

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    Tom Moore

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