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KBG Chambers

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the legal sector forced KBG Chambers to think about how they communicated with clients and conducted hearings when multiple parties were in different physical locations. 

When they relocated to a new office, there was a perfect opportunity to create a built-for-purpose video conference room, that utilised audio-visual technology and Microsoft Teams to assist with virtual legal hearings and proceedings. 

After assessing their new space during the construction phase, we installed high-quality cameras, microphones and a screen, that would enable KBG Chambers to have conferences with up to seven people in the room. 

“It gives up more opportunities to expand the work we do and make more money for the Chambers.”

Colin Palmer, Senior Clerk of KBG Chambers.

KBG Chambers

The Initial Problem

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic working practices in the legal sector changed, with a greater emphasis on virtual meetings a lasting legacy. 

However, despite growing demand and the need to communicate remotely, there was still a need to meet in person face-to-face. KBG often found that meetings, hearings and other processes required a mix of the two, with some attendees required in person, whilst others would join from a different physical location via a virtual means.

Whilst Microsoft Teams allowed KBG Chambers to hold virtual meetings when multiple people were in the office, these virtual meetings became less effective. Therefore, they sought an alternative, that would allow for a hybrid approach in which meetings could be conducted effectively both face-to-face and virtually at the same time.

Solving the Problem

We proposed providing KBG Chambers with a purpose-built video conferencing room. 

This meant that hearings and legal proceedings could accommodate people attending both in person and virtually. The space in their office seats seven people comfortably and makes use of high-quality microphones, cameras and a large screen, combined with Microsoft Teams so that external parties can join the meeting seamlessly. 

This space was built entirely with the processes of KBG Chambers in mind, allowing them to solve their existing problem and provide their clients with added value and an enhanced experience. By working together and understanding the way in which KBG Chambers we were able to ensure they didn’t need to change their way of doing business, and instead allowed them to use technology to enhance existing practices.

The services we provided KBG Chambers with. 

The Results and Benefits

The video conferencing room has enhanced the existing processes of KBG Chambers, whilst providing them with new opportunities to explore. 

They now have the ability to hold meetings, hearings and legal proceedings with seven people in one image, and additional attendees from remote locations. 

It allows the barristers at KBG Chambers to be more personable with clients, improving their experience, whilst they can seamlessly share items such as papers and CCTV footage with all in attendance. 

In all, they have a purpose-built environment, that utilises modern technology to provide a better experience and make their processes both more pleasant and efficient. This in turn has already allowed them to take more work, and encourage people into their new offices. 

“We have very sensitive, very personal circumstances. When we do hearings with barristers, the video conferencing room makes it a lot more personable. When can do it in a relaxed setting, where people aren’t all gathered around one tiny monitor.”

Colin Palmer, Senior Clerk of KBG Chambers.

“This video conferencing room shows that technology can enhance existing business processes to provide a greater experience and improve efficiency. It allows KBG Chambers to assist their clients in a comfortable environment, whilst maintaining a high level of functionality and professionalism. We’d recommend similar services to other businesses in the legal industry.”

Tom Moore, Business Development Director at Acronyms.

“We can have the barrister present, the solicitor present, as well as clients and their families all in one place instead of having three or four parties in different locations, on different connections. It gives us greater flexibility.”

Colin Palmer, Senior Clerk of KBG Chambers.

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