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IT Infrastructure & Networking

Your IT infrastructure is the foundation of all the technology you use within your business.

It can restrict and limit your business, holding it back, or it can enable your business to flourish and succeed.

We believe your IT infrastructure is fundamental to the success of your organisation and want to ensure your business has the IT infrastructure it requires to hit all of your business objectives. 

IT Infrastructure & Networking

We believe all businesses should have IT infrastructure that helps them achieve their organisational goals, and doesn’t impede them.

As the core foundation of the technology your company relies on every day, we believe every business should have IT infrastructure it can trust and rely on. Too many businesses lose time and money to an IT network that isn’t aligned with the organisational objectives. This simply shouldn’t be the case.

Whether you have one office or multiple, your staff work on-site, remotely or a mix of the two, no matter what industry you’re in, your IT infrastructure should be working with you, not against you. This means it can support the software you need, be easy to use, and most importantly run efficiently with minimal downtime disrupting your workforce.

Unlike some IT companies, we don’t believe any particular type of IT infrastructure is the best way forward. Whether it be an on-premise server or a cloud-based alternative, we believe the best option depends on your business and its needs.

We make sure to know your business first, so we can provide and manage the IT infrastructure best suited to helping you succeed. 

Helping you understand what type of IT infrastructure is best suited to your business.

To get the best idea as to whether your business requires on-premise infrastructure, a cloud-based alternative or a hybrid combination of the two, we first need to understand your business, how you operate and what your plans for the future are.

From our first meeting, we will work with you to understand the relationship you have with technology. We’ll want to know how your IT is used on a typical day, where this may vary across teams, as well as how your customers and suppliers may interact with this technology also.

Most importantly, we’ll want to understand where your business is heading in the future. We think it’s crucial that your IT infrastructure is suitable not only today but moving forward as well, so it can continue to support your business as it grows. Only by understanding your future objectives, can we ensure that your IT network and infrastructure are best set up to help you on that journey.

Alongside your input, we’ll conduct a technical site survey to give us the complete picture. Software deployed by our experienced IT engineers can help us get a detailed look at how your existing IT infrastructure is set up. It also gives us a better idea as to why any problems you’re having might be happening, and it can uncover potential limits on your network that you may not be aware of.

With all of this information to hand we can put in place a long-term strategy for your IT infrastructure and provide your business with an IT network that helps you meet your business goals.

The different types of IT infrastructure.

Traditional On-Premise IT Infrastructure

A physical server and IT network that is located locally at your place of work.

Cloud IT Infrastructure

The physical components required for the IT network are located at a third-party location and accessed remotely, often via the internet.

Hybrid IT Infrastructure

IT infrastructure that combines elements of both a traditional on-site setup with cloud-based alternatives.

Which is better – on-premise or cloud-based IT infrastructure?

Traditionally your IT infrastructure and entire IT network would be based at your place of work. This would usually involve a physical server (the brains of the network) as well as other networking hardware such as switches, firewalls and structured cabling.

Cloud IT infrastructure is very similar to this in that it uses many of the same components. It is however owned and managed by a third party, whether that be an IT company like Acronyms or a provider such as Microsoft. It will be situated somewhere else.

It operates in the same manner as a traditional IT network,  from the end user perspective, but there are some key differences such as increased functionality, scalability and how the infrastructure is billed which may mean cloud infrastructure is a better option for you.

Whilst there has been a move towards cloud-based IT infrastructure in recent years, there may still be some instances in which an on-premise server and traditional IT infrastructure are best suited to your business.

Below we’ve detailed some of the benefits of both types of IT infrastructure. If you’re not sure which might be right for your business, you can book a no-obligation consultation today and a member of the team will be happy to advise you on the best course of action.

The benefits of a traditional on-site server and IT infrastructure.

The benefits of a cloud-based network and IT infrastructure.

The different types of cloud IT infrastructure.

There are different types of cloud infrastructure which we have briefly described below. The most suitable option for your organisation and situation may vary. 

Public Cloud

Public cloud is the use of third-party infrastructure that accesses virtual storage and applications via the internet. This means you don’t need an on-premise server as you access your IT network via the internet instead. There are multiple public cloud providers, arguably the most well-known being Microsoft Azure.

You use public cloud services on a subscription basis, only paying for what it is you use. Whilst you share access to their facilities and resources with other businesses your data is kept entirely separate.

With public cloud you get to use the highest standard of IT infrastructure on the market, whilst keeping costs relatively low for the level of service, flexibility and ease of use you receive in return.

Private Cloud

Private cloud is similar to public cloud in that resources are accessed via the internet, but in this instance, all of the hardware is dedicated to a specific business. This is often housed in a data centre managed by an IT company. It grants you many of the benefits of cloud infrastructure but enhances the level of control you can have.

We utilise the data centre at Plymouth Science Parke to offer private cloud services. This allows us to offer more custom approaches than some public cloud facilities, whilst also providing the additional advantages expected of cloud infrastructure.

Private cloud facilities, whilst better than many on-premise alternatives, often don’t have the quality of hardware available to large providers such as Microsoft.

Microsoft Cloud

Microsoft Cloud is a market-leading cloud platform that utilises multiple Microsoft products to provide comprehensive IT infrastructure. Combining products such as Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365 and over 200 more Microsoft applications and services, Microsoft Cloud is a well-rounded offering that supports organisations around the world.

As a Microsoft Partner, we work closely with Microsoft as it enables us to offer businesses a comprehensive product that can offer organisations of different sizes flexibility, security and a large degree of customisation.

This allows us to ensure that your IT infrastructure is configured precisely how you need to it be, to help you hit and achieve your business goals and objectives.

Book a no-obligation consultation.

We want to ensure your business has the IT infrastructure it needs to achieve its objectives both today and in the future.

By working alongside your business and getting to understand what it is you do and what makes you special we can make specific recommendations that will ensure your IT infrastructure and network are supporting you in the best way possible.

With years of experience across our organisation, we provide no-obligation consultations that will enable you to make an informed decision about your IT infrastructure.

If you’d like to arrange a meeting face to face, a chat over video, or even a good old-fashioned phone call, then complete the form opposite or give your closest office a call from the numbers listed below.

Reliable IT infrastructure doesn’t need to be complicated. Book your free consultation today, and begin your IT journey with us.

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