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Cattewater Harbour Commissioners

Cattewater Harbour Commissioners were using a small managed IT services provider when it became apparent that their capabilities could not meet the needs and growth of the business.

An urgent situation required immediate attention and there was a need for upgraded IT infrastructure and technical support alongside it.

We fixed the immediate issue so Cattewater Harbour Commissioners could continue working, before upgrading their infrastructure and providing ongoing IT support. Find out more about our journey together below.

“The future is bright, the future is Acronyms. We have a vision of how we’re going to be within the next five years and as far as I’m concerned that’s going to be with Acronyms steering me in the direction that I want to go.”

Mark Parlett, CFO of Cattewater Harbour Commissioners.

Cattewater Harbour

The Initial Problem

When an issue severely affected Cattewater Habour Commissioners’ IT network, CFO Mark Parlett called Acronyms. It was a delicate situation that needed to be resolved as soon as possible. 

Mark had been aware that his IT infrastructure was at its limits for a little while, and that his existing provider had taken them as far as they could. He had begun some research into new providers, of which Acronyms were one. However, this issue forced him into action. 

Calling Acronyms at 7:30 in the morning, he explained that he needed urgent assistance and from there we started the process of getting his business back up and running. 

Solving the Problem

Acronyms were recommended to Mark and he phoned Business Development Director, Tom Moore, for a discussion about the immediate problems they were having. In less than an hour, we had a field engineer with Mark at his office to test their IT equipment and make the necessary changes to resolve the urgent issue.

With the issue fixed, it was important to upgrade the IT infrastructure. We supplied Cattewater Harbour Commissioners with new servers and upgraded their networking equipment. We provided ongoing IT support to their employees, acting as a single point of call for any technical queries or issues.

With solid foundations set, we’d go on to provide a VoIP telephony system and cyber security services in subsequent years, and more recently we have moved Cattewater Harbour Commissioners from their servers to a cloud-based alternative.

Our latest project has been the installation of a communication suite, that allows them to communicate efficiently with their customers across the world. 

The services we provided Cattewater Harbour Commissioners with. 

The Results and Benefits

Our IT engineers enabled Cattewater Harbour Commissioners to get back on track allowing Mark to focus on his role, safe in the knowledge that his IT was taken care of.

His business has around 25 staff all with various IT needs and technical questions. Each staff member now has access to a team of professional and knowledgeable advisors to resolve any issues which Mark said are resolved instantly “nine times out of ten”.

The upgraded infrastructure and additional services that we’ve provided since have made the organisation more efficient in their day-to-day work. Whilst before the technology within Cattewater Harbour Commissioners was holding the business back, it’s now helping them work towards their organisational goals and objectives.

“The biggest thing for me is having IT assistance at the end of the telephone. I can ring one phone number, speak to any one of the team, all who know me, and my business and can actually help there and then.”

Mark Parlett, CFO of Cattewater Harbour Commissioners

“I’m incredibly proud of the relationship we have with Mark and Cattewater Harbour Commissioners and the journey we’ve been on together. From a difficult situation to begin with, we’ve reacted quickly, helped this business get on its feet, and then played a positive role in its success. By embracing technology they are going from strength to strength and it’s great to see.”

Dave Smith, Acronyms Managing Director

“Acronyms have transformed the way we operate. The office is more efficient, our processes have become quicker, any technical problems are smoothed out with little interruption and our new communication suite has allowed us to have meetings remotely with customers and suppliers all over the world.”

Mark Parlett, CFO of Cattewater Harbour Commissioners

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