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IT Support Devon | Expert Local IT Support for Your Business

Here at Acronyms we have been providing Devon businesses with professional, expert IT support for over twenty years. We’re proud to offer some of the most comprehensive IT support in Devon, finding the right solutions to meet a wide range of IT and digital needs.

Our team of skilled IT engineers, technicians and consultants specialise in providing tailored IT support services to businesses of all types, sizes and sectors. We work across the county from Tavistock to Tiverton and Brixham to Bideford.

Whatever your IT needs, we are here to help. Specialising in all types of IT support services designed to meet the demands of modern businesses. From IT support and cybersecurity to cloud migration and VoIP, our experts use their vast expertise to provide efficient technical assistance that means your Devon based business can overcome any digital hurdle.

IT Support Devon

We Provide IT Support That Devon Businesses Can Rely On

Our specialist team offer solutions to refine and support your unique IT system and infrastructure, giving your Devon based business the tools it needs to grow and thrive.

Covering every type of device and physical hardware from networks, servers, and storage to computers, mobile devices and third-party software, our IT support provides our Devon clients, their employees and customers with improved accessibility and security every step of the way.

Partnering with Acronyms gives you the most important benefit of all, peace of mind. You’ll feel confident that your company has a streamlined digital infrastructure and up-to-date systems proactively monitored by experts.

Click on each of the sections below to read more about the Acronyms five-step client journey.

We have developed our five-step journey to be client focussed, perfectly designed to address the digital and IT challenges that your business may be facing.

IT Support Devon

Why Acronyms?

As one of the leading IT support service providers in Devon, our team of expert technicians offer decades of experience to businesses across the South West.

Our client base includes business from all sectors and of all types and sizes, with vastly different IT needs and concerns.

We’ve been offering managed IT support across Devon for over twenty years and during that time we have refined our services to ensure each unique business gets the support, IT tools and solutions that suit their needs.

Our IT services are designed to help your business thrive with a bespoke IT strategy that supports your company, staff and customers. We offer dedicated helpdesk support as standard and you’ll also have access to on-site assistance whenever you require it.

Our proactive maintenance services also ensure our engineers can identify any potential technical issues before they escalate. With a four-hour response time, we aim to resolve any challenges you’re facing as quickly as possible.

Our Clients in Devon

We’re experienced in working with thousands of different clients from all industry sectors across the length and breadth of Devon. With offices in Plymouth, Bodmin and Bristol our team can be out on the road to you in no time if you need on-site IT support.

From the very first meeting our focus will always be on your long term goals; helping your business achieve its objectives and plan for future growth.

We want you to consider our IT support services as part of your team, working together we’re here to help you succeed.

IT Support Devon

Quick Response Times

At Acronyms, we are committed to offering a rapid response to any issue or challenge your business is facing – regardless of the complexity or size of the problem. We offer a service level agreement with a guaranteed response time of four hours or less. This means that when you raise a support ticket, we’ll always attempt to resolve the problem over the phone or email right then and there. Our field engineers are also strategically placed across Devon, so for more complex issues that require onsite assistance, you won’t need to worry about extensive travel times.


In the digital era, businesses need the flexibility to move and grow. That’s why at Acronyms, we offer cloud-based, scalable IT solutions designed for better flexibility and adaptability. Offering standard and premium IT support packages, we tailor our IT solutions to meet the specific requirements of our clients. This means, your IT infrastructure can meet the changing needs of your business – not the other way around.

24/7 Monitoring

We offer our remote services with 24/7 monitoring. This ensures your infrastructure and network are consistently managed, maintained and protected from any external threats that could compromise the continuity of your business, such as data breaches or theft. As a result, our 24/7 services enhance the security of your network and ensure your data is safeguarded.

Dedicated Account Management

At Acronyms, we pair every one of our clients with a dedicated account manager. Your account manager will work closely with you and your business to gain a comprehensive understanding of your objectives. This will ensure you receive support from a professional who not only knows about the long-term goals of your business but understands your company inside out and can make sure you get the right IT support as quickly as possible.

  • What is managed IT support?

    Managed IT support is technical assistance provided by an external IT company. This assistance comprises various services, such as installing and maintaining software and hardware, managing networks, securing data backup and recovery, cybersecurity and offering help desk support.

    Acronyms offers managed IT support by becoming your outsourced IT helpdesk. This means your team can call or email our team, and our engineers will be on hand to resolve any issues. Where necessary, we can also send engineers to your office location to resolve more complex issues.

    Managed IT support is crucial for any business without expert IT advice in-house, providing specific knowledge and experience that align with your long-term goals. So if you need a fully staffed IT department or if your IT manager or internal IT team need additional support, Acronyms is here to help.

  • How much does IT support cost?

    The cost of IT support depends on the type of support your business requires. From the number of employees in your business to the kind of services you require, there are several factors that can impact costs. Many businesses will require a bespoke strategy from their IT support provider, which considers the individual needs and demands of their operations.

  • What does an IT support company do?

    An IT support company provides technical solutions for businesses requiring assistance with their information technology, also known as IT infrastructure. The services offered by an IT support company can include software and hardware installation and maintenance, network management, cybersecurity, data backup and recovery, cloud computing, help desk support, and consulting services.

    IT support companies are responsible for troubleshooting and resolving technical issues that may arise and ensuring that a business's IT infrastructure is functioning at an optimal level. They may also provide regular monitoring and maintenance to prevent potential issues from escalating.

  • What should I look for in an IT support company?

    When choosing an IT support company, you should consider the services they provide. A company providing a broad range of services such as remote support and unified comms enables you to keep all of your IT support in one place, saving you time and money.
    It is also essential to consider the location of your support. Whilst the location of your remote support might not be a priority, there may come a time when you need an onsite visit – a local business will be able to reach your business much faster than a national IT support company with a central hub that is much further away.

    Other factors to consider include:
    ● Does your chosen partner have experience with your operating system?
    ● Are they offering you a service level agreement with a guaranteed response time?
    ● Can they meet the IT needs of your business?
    ● Are they responsive and friendly?
    ● Do they offer proactive maintenance and monitoring?
    ● Are they experienced in cyber security?

  • What is remote IT Support?

    Remote IT support refers to the provision of technical assistance to businesses without physically visiting their location. IT support providers can remotely access a company's hardware and software platforms, making it possible to offer support through phone or email.

    Nowadays, many IT issues can be resolved remotely, resulting in reduced downtime and minimised workflow disruption for businesses. Remote IT support is preferred by many businesses because it is simple to use and far more efficient.

    For example, Acronyms offers a remote helpdesk platform that allows us to access a device with just one click. This allows our team to provide a quick response time of fewer than four hours, which means we can get your team back up and running with minimal disruption to your operations.

  • What is onsite IT Support?

    Onsite IT support covers a wide range of IT solutions. It can be provided to assist your current team through a busy period or offer specialist knowledge for the length of a project. Onsite support might also include instances where a query cannot be resolved remotely and requires a site visit to identify or rectify an IT issue. In this instance, it is vital to ensure that the IT support company can provide engineers swiftly so that your business can get back on track as soon as possible.

    At Acronyms we provide bespoke onsite IT support to businesses across Devon. In instances where remote IT support isn’t enough to resolve technical issues, your team can submit a request, and we’ll send a field engineer to your place of work. Our field engineers are strategically positioned across Devon and the South West to reduce potential downtime.

    Our experienced field engineers will explain site-based issues in a language that is easy to understand, so you know precisely what has happened and how we’ve solved the problem.

    Many of our IT support packages include onsite time.

Book a no-obligation consultation.

Acronyms are not your run-of-the-mill Devon based IT support company. We offer expert advice and straightforward guidance, with none of the confusing tech lingo and jargon.

Our fully qualified team of engineers, technicians and consultants specialise in providing Devon businesses with reliable and professional technical solutions. We are your fully staffed, expert IT department ready to help you with any IT query.

If you would like to find out more about our IT support services in Devon, get in touch with our Plymouth branch today.

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