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Best Accountancy

Best Accountancy found that a very slow internet connection, combined with intermittent service, was impacting how efficiently their employees could go about their work, assisting small businesses with their financial needs.

As their accountancy practice grew and began to introduce more cloud accounting services, it became clear that their existing internet connection wasn’t providing the service they required.

We recommended upgrading their internet service to a leased line, providing Best Accountancy with its own direct connection, removing the regular downtime and providing download and upload speeds that allow them to operate effectively. 

“When you consider the advantages of working faster, with fewer frustrations, and the ability to make quick decisions, you realise your internet connection is a fantastic investment.”

John Best, Managing Director of Best Accountancy.

Best Accountancy

The Initial Problem

Best Accountancy was experiencing a very slow internet connection and would often find that their internet service would cut out entirely. 

With the company reliant on its cloud accounting platforms to service its clients, it was vital that they had a reliable connection that would not suffer from performance issues as demand increased. 

With the business growing both in terms of employee and client numbers, Best Accountancy realised that they required a new internet connection. It needed to support its employees, to help them provide its clients with a positive experience, whilst being able to scale with them, as the business continued to grow.

Solving the Problem

We proposed providing Best Accountancy with a leased line internet connection. 

This meant that they would have a dedicated internet connection that they didn’t have to share with local residents and other businesses nearby. This means that leased lines provide better download and upload speeds, perfect for businesses like Best Accountancy that are moving lots of data and files in the cloud. 

A leased line also comes with Service Level Agreements as standard, reducing the lost downtime the business had previously experienced. It also means that moving forward, Best Accountancy knew precisely what level of service to expect from their leased line, and what would be done to rectify any situation that meant that was no longer the case.

The services we provided Best Accountancy Services with. 

  • Leased lines are a reliable type of internet connection we’d recommend to many companies. It gives your business a dedicated internet connection, with symmetrical upload and download speeds. 

    Unlike some other types of internet connection, a leased line is solely used by your business. As a dedicated connection direct to your place of work, you’re not sharing your connection with the local population. This means your speeds and reliability won’t be affected by the use of others, particularly during peak hours in busy cities.

    With features such as Service Level Agreements as standard, higher upload speeds than other connections and built-in scalability, leased lines are the perfect internet solution for many growing businesses. 

    Click to find out more about our internet connectivity services.

The Results and Benefits

The leased line connection we provided Best Accountancy has noticeably changed their business, with reduced downtime, and increased connection speeds.

Client management and communication have both improved, with the most notable benefit being an increase in the team’s productivity. Simply put, Best Accountancy are getting more done! They’ve grown in terms of clients and employees since the new leased line was installed. 

With the majority of Best Accountancy’s clients using the cloud accounting platform Xero, financial processing has gotten quicker, allowing staff to manage more clients at any one time. 

These improvements mean that John is now looking to the future, with a growth plan for the next five years, based on the additional functionality the internet connection enables. 

“Right away there was a noticeable difference in all the systems we use. Our processing time was very much reduced. We’ve added new employees and clients since the new internet connection was installed and it’s made no difference to the speed. It’s very reliable.”

John Best, Managing Director at Best Accountancy

“Internet connections are fundamental to many businesses. Ensuring you have the right connection for your business needs is like ensuring you have the right foundations for a building. Without it, your business will inevitably struggle. The leased line at Best Accountancy just goes to show this. With increased speeds and reliability, they’ve been able to grow their business from solid foundations.”

Tom Moore, Business Development Director at Acronyms

“I run multiple programmes that link to Xero. With the new internet connection, these links are all in real-time, and I mean real-time. There’s no way we could have down all that we do with our old internet provider. I could add another five members of staff and know that it wouldn’t limit performance at all.

John Best, Managing Director at Best Accountancy

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