Unified Comms

Business communication tools, such as VoIP telephones, that integrate with your IT setup.

At Acronyms, we help businesses communicate in the most efficient manner possible.

With a larger number of businesses now working with employees, suppliers, and customers across multiple locations, and sometimes timezones, traditional telecoms have struggled to provide an effective service.

Unified comms has utilised the power of the internet and the development of new technology, to make it easier for businesses to communicate, by providing more features at a lower cost.

We take time to understand who it is you’re communicating with so that we can recommend the most suitable technology for improving your communication.

Unified Comms
Unified Comms

What is unified comms?

Unified comms refers to business grade communication services that are integrated within your IT setup.

This can include VoIP telephones, instant messaging, audiovisual services and other products, designed to improve the functionality of traditional business communication.

Unified comms can take the form of hardware or software, and often relies upon the internet to operate.

VoIP Telephones

VoIP telephones use the internet as opposed to traditional copper wiring. The handsets look and work like a traditional handset, but with greater functionality. We have explained the benefits of VoIP telephones in more depth, beneath.

Instant Messaging

Instant messaging services, such as Skype for Business, allows for quicker communication between employees, teams and offices. Short written messages can be sent and received in real time, reducing the wait time between calls or emails.

Video Conferencing

Holding meetings across multiple locations has vastly improved with unified comms. Video conferencing not only includes the visual and audio aspects but also collaborative tools such as real-time file sharing and interactive calendars and scheduling tools.

Unified Comms

VoIP Telephones

VoIP telephones are one of the most common applications of unified comms. Whilst a VoIP handset might look like a traditional telephone, it comes with additional features and often at a lower cost!

We have listed some of the most common features below.

If you would like to discuss VoIP or learn any more about unified comms, we’d be happy to help. Please use the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Voicemail to Email

Voicemails are transcribed and sent to your email address automatically so you never miss a message.

Call Screening

Screen calls with the press of a button, diverting known callers to different handsets, mobiles or mailboxes.

Do Not Disturb

Set your phone to ‘Do Not Disturb’ so that calls cannot distract you from that important task or impending deadline.

Find Me/Follow Me

Provide several numbers for the telephone system to try calling you on, before routing to your voicemail.

Call Conferencing

Easy to configure call conferencing that can include internal and external phone numbers and handsets.

Remote Management

Manage and maintain your telephony system offsite, or from different offices, via the internet.

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