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Plymouth Science Park Data Centre

Acronyms utilise the data centre at Plymouth Science Park to supply a range of services including cloud environments, backup solutions, data storage and more. 

The Data Centre at Plymouth Science Park.

The data centre at Plymouth Science is a purpose-built environment, designed specifically to house servers, IT systems and networks. The facility is protected by environmental control, has managed access covered by CCTV and security staff, and is monitored 24/7 to ensure your data remains secure.

The Plymouth Science Park data centre has been built with resilience in mind. On the bottom floor of the facility is a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) plant, whilst outside there is a standby backup diesel generator in case of disasters. The data centre has multiple internet connections from three telecoms providers ensuring high availability in all scenarios.

As an IT company on-site at Plymouth Science Park, Acronyms has access to, and availability within, a range of secure units within the data centre, to provide cloud-based services.

Plymouth Science Park Data Centre

Why might I need to use a data centre?

A data centre like the one at Plymouth Science Park allows your business to make use of powerful technology and services that would ordinarily be beyond your financial reach. 

The data centre is a colocation facility, which means it is used by multiple businesses, reducing the overall cost for each individual user. In many circumstances, in addition to greater benefits, it’s also more cost-effective to use a data centre, than to host your own infrastructure at your place of work. 

In addition to cost savings some of the benefits of using the Plymouth Science Park Data Centre include; 

  • Less Down Time – The data centre is a purpose-built facility which is continually managed and maintained by IT experts.
  • Flexibility & Scalability – Your usage can move with your demand, meaning you only pay for what you use.
  • Additional Security – Access to the data centre is strictly controlled and monitored, with multiple redundancy measures in place to reduce threats. 

Data Centre Services

We’re happy to work with you to recommend the most appropriate services for your requirements. 

Cloud-based Networks

The data centre at Plymouth Science Park is a perfect environment to host your company’s IT network. From an end-user point of view, everything on a day-to-day perspective would work as normal. Your staff needn’t notice a difference! 

However, by embracing cloud-technology and using the data centre you’d no longer need to worry about replacing servers. Instead of costly upgrades every five years or so as kit gets old, you’d be able to utilise up-to-date hardware that is regularly maintained and updated by our expert IT engineers. 

As well as a switch to monthly billing, without any sudden surprises if old kit fails, you’ll be able to increase or decrease the scale and functionality of your network as demand requires without the need for new costly hardware.

Data Storage

We appreciate that in some industries, companies can be dealing with very large files, that require huge amounts of storage capacity, which unfortunately can come at a hefty price! 

By utilising the data centre at Plymouth Science Park, your business can securely store files with us, accessing them remotely from your place of work as and when required. 

In doing this, businesses cut costs when compared to on-premise alternatives, whilst receiving the additional security benefits of the data centre. It can also reduce the large amounts of processing power required to move large files around. 

Backup & Recovery

Backup and recovery is one of our most popular services within the Plymouth Science Park Data Centre, with many clients utilising the offsite facility as a great means of backup. 

The secure environment can be used to keep your data safe with regular backups that aren’t affected by any unfortunate disasters involving your main network. Should backups be required they can be accessed quickly, getting you back up and running swiftly. 

By utilising cloud-technology this service can also scale with your requirements, meaning you don’t only need to pay for the backup space you require at that particular time. 

VoIP Telephony

Data centres aren’t just useful for supporting your IT, but they can also be used to host entire telephony systems too, which can grow with your team as required. 

We use the Plymouth Science Park Data Centre to host a number of telephone systems for many of our clients, reducing call costs and increasing functionality when compared to a traditional copper line. 

Don’t worry, a VoIP telephony system can still use a traditional handset, but it utilises the internet to provide additional functionality such as voicemail to email. For more information about VoIP telephony, click here

What’s the best way to make the most of a data centre?

The best use of a data centre can vary from business to business, but in most instances, a data centre can be used to reduce large capital costs to manageable monthly costs, whilst increasing functionality. 

Many of the services that we offer from within Plymouth Science Park Data Centre are likely to be services that you are already using as a business, albeit with older technology. 

By using the data centre instead, you’re embracing cloud-technology and are able to make use of the increased security and features such as environmental control and scalability. 

Plymouth Science Park Data Centre

Speak to us about Data Centre Services.

We’d love to talk to you about how Plymouth Science Park Data Centre can help your business. If there’s any way in which we can help, or if you have a question and would like to know more, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help!