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Internet Connectivity

A reliable internet connection is critical for any business in today’s digital world. 

Acronyms can provide business-grade connections, that fit the needs of your team, to ensure you’re always online when you need be.  

Business-Grade Internet Connections.

With an ever growing reliance upon the internet, it’s important that businesses equip themselves with the right type of connection for their needs. Whilst many people have experienced purchasing broadband for their homes, these domestic products just don’t meet the requirements of a modern-day business. 

That’s why at Acronyms we work closely with businesses and Internet Service Providers to ensure we supply reliable connections that support the specific demands of an organisation. Whether it be a primary connection or a backup connection, we make sure we understand your usage of the internet, before recommending a connection most suited to you.

What’s more, where necessary, we can help you provide customers, or visitors of your own, with services such as public WiFi, in a safe and secure manner and can also provide marketing tools that enable you to communicate directly with those users, 

Internet Connectivity

Leased line connections.

A leased line internet connection is a business-grade connectivity solution that has guaranteed levels of service. The line is a dedicated service, solely for use by your business, and therefore it is not shared with local residents or other companies near by.

As well as being a dedicated internet connection, a leased line also offers additional benefits such as mirrored upload speeds and download speeds, which are useful for moving and accessing large files and amounts of data.

Leased lines are also supplied with Service Level Agreements (SLAs) from the Internet Service Provider as standard. These include guaranteed uptimes and predefined fix times for any issues that you may experience.

These assured levels of service dictate the minimum level of service you can expect from the ISP, and the recompense due, should the provider fall short of those standards.

Benefits of Leased Lines.

Increased Productivity

Minimal downtime and increased speeds allow your team to get more done.

Constant Performance

As a dedicated connection, the speed of a leased line won’t fluctuate at peak times. 

Greater Resilience

SLAs place an emphasis on the ISP to provide a reliable service, that’s fixed quickly if there are issues.

Back Up Internet Connections.

Back up internet connections are vital to ensure that your company can continue working in the event of a disaster. 

The different types of failover connections that we’d usually recommend are listed to the right. However, the best solution for your company can be dependent on a number of factors. 

Public WiFi.

Providing public WiFi to guests is a common requirement for many businesses, especially those that operate in the leisure and tourism or hospitality sectors. Whilst it provides members of the public with a much requested service, it also allows you to gather valuable information about your customers.

We can offer solutions that allow you to provide your customers with a fast, reliable internet connection, whilst giving you the peace of mind that your own network remains secure. 

In addition to this we can also supply you with the tools to create sign in pages, track user data and behaviour (whilst remaining compliant of GDPR and other privacy regulations) and send bespoke messages and promotions to those using the service.

Internet Connectivity

Speak to us about Internet Connectivity.

We’d love to talk to you about the different types of internet connectivity that we offer. If there’s any way in which we can help, or if you have a question and would like to know more, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help!