Disaster Recovery Services

Our range of disaster recovery services can be tailored to the specific needs of any business, to ensure that when disaster hits, you’re back up and running in a timely fashion. 

Disaster Recovery Services Explained.

Disaster recovery services are a series of measures that a business can rely upon in the event of a disaster causing disruption. This could be something large in scale such as a natural disaster or something specific to your business, such as a loss of power or cyber attack.

Given how reliant many businesses are upon their IT, these services are becoming commonplace. Disaster recovery services must be robust to minimise downtime, but the planning, testing and implementation cannot be so intrusive that it disrupts everyday functionality. 

Of course, here at Acronyms, we hope you never need to use disaster recovery services in earnest, but you should always be prepared for the worst. A strong disaster recovery plan could be the difference between your company surviving a disaster or not. 

Disaster Recovery Services

Why might I need disaster recovery services?

Unfortunately, things can sometimes go wrong. Whilst no-one plans for mishaps, they can happen, and when they do, if you’re not prepared things will be costly! 

If your business is heavily reliant upon IT, or at least one aspect of IT (like your internet connection for example) you should strongly consider what disaster recovery services you have in place.

It will be these services that determine how quickly and efficiently you’ll be back on your feet and working again. Remember, the longer you’re not working, the longer you’re losing money. 

Think of disaster recovery as a safety net. It is there should the worst happen, and in most instances, it’ll ensure your business is able to continue operating. 

Acronyms Disaster Recovery Services

We’re happy to work with you to recommend the most appropriate services for your requirements. 

Disaster Recovery Planning

Disaster recovery services of all types should always be built around a comprehensive disaster recovery plan. What does a disaster look like for your business and if a disaster happens, what should you do? 

These answers are bespoke to your business. We can work with you to answer these questions by identifying risks and gauging their severity and likelihood.

From there we can help you put a plan in place, with recommended disaster recovery services, designed to mitigate the specific risks that you and your business might face. 

Data Backups and Recovery

Data backups and the recovery of these backups, will play a fundamental role in your business’ overall recovery, should it be affected by a disaster that causes data loss. 

You can backup, store and recover data in a range of different ways, which means we’re able to put in place a specific solution that works best for your business and the disasters it might face. 

As a rule of thumb, your business will want at least three different copies of its data, stored in a minimum of two different (and separate!) locations with at least one of those copies kept offsite. 

Disaster Recovery Testing

Disaster recovery services need to be tested regularly to ensure they will work as expected in a real disaster situation. After all, there is little point having a life raft if you haven’t checked it for holes! 

Disaster recovery testing can take many guises but it is there to ensure that everything is ready and working, should you need it. 

We can work with your business to devise testing schedules that ensure that your disaster recovery solutions are sufficiently tested, whilst causing minimal disruption to your employees and customers. 

Network Redundancy

Building redundancy into your IT network, through the use of additional or alternate network devices, is an effective way for businesses to minimise the risk of disasters. 

Businesses may opt for multiple internet connections, means of data storage or forms of communication so that in the event of failure there is a ready-to-go alternative at their disposal. 

Where redundancy is crucial to a business, we can be on hand to assist by recommending alternative services, that won’t break the bank whilst not in primary use. 



Backup & Recovery Solutions

Veeam is a leading global provider of backup and recovery solutions for businesses of all sizes and requirements.


Backup & Replication Software

Altaro provide award winning backup and replication software for a range of services and providers.
Data Centre Facilities 
The data centre at Plymouth Science Park is used to offer cloud-based disaster recovery services.

Plymouth Science Park

Data Centre Facilities

The data centre at Plymouth Science Park is used to offer cloud-based disaster recovery services.

How Acronyms Approach Disaster Recovery Services.

Planning for a disaster and ensuring you’re adequately prepared, can be the difference between your business surviving a disaster or not. Given this critical nature, we think it’s of utmost importance that the disaster recovery services you employ, match the specific requirements of your business. 

So with this in mind, when discussing disaster recovery services with a business, we do the following: 

  1. Assess the risks the business might potentially face.
  2. Review current practice and measures designed to mitigate and/or recover from that risk.
  3. Make recommendations to improve upon existing measures and practice.
  4. Test the recommendations to ensure an improvement has been made.
Disaster Recovery Services

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We’d love to talk to you about our disaster recovery services and how they might help your business. If there’s any way in which we can help, or if you have a question and would like to know more, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help!