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Supplying, Installing And Configuring The IT Network And Provisions Within Your Business.

At Acronyms, we supply every business with IT infrastructure that is fit for purpose.

The IT infrastructure within your business consists of everything that makes up your IT network. This includes the hardware, software, and the components used to make it work – such as cabling and an internet connection.

Without it, your business wouldn’t be able to make use of the technology you rely upon each and every day, making your IT infrastructure an integral part of your business. 

Because of this, when it comes to IT infrastructure we don’t offer the same solution twice. We take the time to understand your business, what it is you do and where it is you’d like to go. Only once we understand this can we ensure that your IT infrastructure is designed to help you on that journey.

IT Infrastructure Types

There are three main types of IT infrastructure all of which offer different benefits. 

IT Infrastructure Types.

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Cloud-based IT Infrastructure.

Easily Scalable

With cloud-based IT infrastructure, you can adjust your setup depending on the demand of your business, without the need for additional hardware.

Low Upfront Costs

Without the need for onsite hardware, cloud-based IT infrastructure has a reduced upfront cost and is paid for based on usage.

Fast Deployment

With the hardware already in place offsite, cloud-based IT infrastructure can be deployed and configured for your business quickly.

Onsite IT Infrastructure.

Full Control

Onsite infrastructure is bespoke to your business. It can be configured precisely how you need it to be, with no limitations enforced by outside parties.

High Levels of Security

How you secure your IT infrastructure is dictated by you. You are not reliant on others to ensure the security of your IT infrastructure.

Offline Access

Your employees will be able to access files and software quickly and easily regardless of internet connection, speed or upload/download times.

Hybrid IT Infrastructure.

Meets Specific Needs

Hybrid IT infrastructure allows you to tailor your network to the very specific needs and circumstances of your company.

You can assign certain resources, such as email and data backup, to the cloud, whilst keeping others, such as file and data storage, onsite. 

Whilst often much more efficient for businesses, in certain circumstances this option can add a layer of complexity, increasing costs and deployment times.