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Consent Form.

You should only complete this form at the request of an Acronyms employee. 

Acronyms would like to store your personal data. Under GDPR legislation, we require your consent to do so. Below we have outlined what data we’d like to store, the reasons why, what we will do with your data and most importantly how we will keep it safe.

At the bottom of the page there’s an option to give consent for all of the data we’ve requested, or just a part of it. You can provide consent for as little or as much as you’re comfortable with, including none at all!

If you don’t want us storing any of your data, you can just close this window. It will not have any impact on your future relationship with Acronyms.

Why do we want any personal data in the first place?

Because we’re forgetful! If you are reading this, we have developed a personal relationship with you and we’d like to remember it.

We understand that right now you might not be interested in our services. You may be waiting on a new budget, or you may be from a public body or a membership organisation and never have need of our services at all. You could be someone we want advice or guidance from! 

Nonetheless, in the small business world, we believe relationships are crucial, and we’d like to have one with you.

Specifically, what personal data would you like to store and why?  

We only want to keep a record of your name, email address and phone number. This is so that we can record notes on any conversations that we have together and contact you if necessary.

What do you deem a necessary reason for contacting me?

Let’s start with what isn’t necessary – selling.

We will only ever talk to you about our products and services if you want us to. You won’t ever receive a phone call or an email promoting our services, unless you request it or invite us to pitch for tender.

In fact we’re requesting your consent here, because you don’t have an immediate interest in our services. If you had, we’d be following a different process entirely.

To be clear, we’ll only call or email you in relation to a previous conversation we’ve had together, or if we’d like to request your assistance.

Where will you store my data, how will you secure it and who will have access to it?

We will store your data in our CRM, which is called Kaseya BMS. Only Acronyms employees have access to our CRM and they can only do so via Acronyms-approved computers.

All login attempts to the system are protected by two-factor authentication and your data is not shared with any other party.

How long will you keep my data for?

We will keep your data for 12 months from the date of consent unless;

  • You revoke consent. You are free to revoke your consent at any time and can do so here.

  • You express an interest in our services or become an Acronyms client. This interest of yours will change the nature of our relationship, meaning we’ll have a different lawful basis, on which to process your data.

If neither scenario occurs within 12 months from the time of consent, we will either;

  • Delete your personal data and send you confirmation of such.

  • Contact you with regards to renewing your consent for a further 12 months. At this time we will remind you what personal data we hold on you and why.