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Outsourced Help Desk Services

We offer a range of outsourced help desk services that can provide your business with the IT support it requires.

From service options for internal IT teams, designed to bolster your existing IT capabilities, to a fully-fledged outsourced help desk that provides your business with its own outsourced IT department, Acronyms can ensure you have the IT knowledge and experience you need, exactly when you need it.

Supporting your existing IT department with Acronyms outsourced help desk.

IT service desks can be one of the busiest departments of any modern business, especially as our reliance upon technology gets even greater, and the skills required to service an IT estate get progressively more difficult. It is for these reasons, that we’re supporting the existing IT departments at many companies with additional services from our outsourced help desk.

Our outsourced IT support services can be crafted specifically to the demands of your business. The typical outsourced services we provide could include;

  • Overspill services assist when your existing IT team reach full capacity.
  • Additional points of escalation to provide further support to junior employees.
  • Specific technical expertise required to cover a known skills gap in the existing team.
  • An increase in capacity or skillset for a one-off project.
  • Holiday or paternity/maternity cover for individual employees or an IT manager.

Our outsourced help desk services are provided by our team of qualified IT engineers. With a range of different experiences, and knowledge it allows us to assign the correct level of engineer to your specific needs. This means we can offer overspill services at 1st Line level in the same way that we can provide expert IT engineers to assist you at 3rd Line level as well. What’s more, with a range of professional vendor qualifications across our outsourced help desk, we can also supply engineers that can support with specific issues or pieces of hardware as required.  

An outsourced help desk supporting your IT department allows you to…

Decrease demand on your support desk, in turn, increasing the efficiency of your team. 

Expand the knowledge of your help desk, increasing the range of issues you can react to. 

Improve response times, enabling your employees to get back to work quicker. 

Increase the flexibility of your existing help desk, enabling you to react to changing situations.

Focus on innovation and strategic matters that will propel your business forward. 

To understand how our outsourced help desk can help your business get in touch for a free, no-obligation consultation. 

Four Ways An Outsourced IT Help Desk Can Assist Your Business

By providing overspill services to increase capacity. 

Sometimes, things just get busy! It may be a particular time of year, off the back of a successful campaign, or maybe just entirely unexpected, but change can leave your existing team under pressure. That is where an outsourced IT desk can be there to support your business, by picking up the slack when you’re unable to do so.

This has a number of advantages but most notably an outsourced support desk utilised in this manner keeps costs to a minimum, whilst ensuring your employees get the level of IT care they’re used to. Acronyms can be on hand almost like a backup solution ready to kick in as and when required to provide that additional IT support. 

By acting as your IT department.

Technology is playing an ever-increasing role in businesses across all industries, increasing the need to have a team of qualified experts on hand to ensure all is working as it should. Our outsourced help desk can act as your de facto IT department supporting your business with everyday queries to assisting with new projects, for a fraction of the cost of hiring just one IT engineer – let alone a team!

Our outsourced help desk can be available for your employees whenever it is that they work and are accessible either over the phone or via email and our ticketing system. The help desk can assist remotely over the internet or where required schedule an IT engineer to visit you onsite at your place of work, ensure you’re back up and running in a timely fashion.

By being on hand as additional points of escalation.

IT engineers can be very expensive, particularly when you take into consideration the high levels of training required for their expertise. This is why Acronyms’ outsourced support desk will be used by a number of companies to provide specific points of escalation. Internal IT teams will handle the day-to-day but when something beyond that is required, Acronyms can step in to provide that extra assistance. 

By using an outsourced IT team in this fashion much of the training and employment costs associated with senior IT engineers is shouldered by Acronyms, reducing the risk on individual businesses. You can use our outsourced services for certain aspects of your IT, whilst leaving the rest for your existing team. We’ll work alongside your existing team too, to ensure that the experience your employees receive equals what they’d usually come to expect. 

By covering a known skills gap within an existing team.

Funding an entire IT support desk that covers every area of your IT estate can be very difficult, least of all very expensive too. With many different areas of IT across modern businesses, this requires having a wide range of talents, knowledge, and experience that can be hard to find. Alternatively, when struggling to fill an identified skill gap, you can outsource that requirement to the support desk at Acronyms.

Our IT technicians have a wide range of backgrounds, expertise, and vendor accreditations which allows us to support a wide range of services, software, and different types of infrastructure. This in turn allows us to support businesses in precise areas of their network, covering the skills gap, giving businesses an opportunity to up-skill existing employees or find long-term permanent cover if they so wish. 

The Benefits Of Outsourcing Your IT Support

Support Every Employee

An outsourced help desk allows you as a business to provide each of your employees with timely, technical support. Your employees can call Acronyms directly, who will be on hand to solve their issues and get them back to work as quickly as possible. 

Reduce Down Time

Acronyms outsourced help desk can act as your IT department, providing you with IT support you may not already have or by increasing your existing capacity. This means issues can be dealt with quicker, or proactively avoided in the first place, decreasing downtime and saving time and money.

Gain Valuable Insights

When using our outsourced IT team, Acronyms can provide you with monthly, quarterly or annual analytics which are particularly useful for identifying areas for improvement. This allows us to implement long-term solutions that improve the efficiency of your business. 

Get Access To Expertise

With an outsourced IT support desk assisting your business you will have access to a wide range of experienced IT engineers, each with their own specific areas of expertise. Our staff have a range of accreditations meaning no matter what your issue, an industry expert will be on hand to help you. 

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